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Neptune Medical Ltd is an appointed UK distributor of Bonalive Smart Healing™ solutions

We offer osteostimulative (non-osteoinductive) technologies that provide an extensive range of benefits for bone regeneration.

Bonalive® granules and Bonalive® putty are highly effective technologies for the filling, reconstruction and regeneration of bone defects. Bonalive® granules also have the unique feature of naturally inhibiting bacterial growth, making it a smarter and more sustainable solution for bone regeneration.

At the core of Bonalive technology is S53P4 bioactive glass – a smart biomaterial consisting solely of elements that exist naturally in the human body. Characterized by its ability to firmly attach to living tissue and chemically bond with surrounding bone, S53P4 bioactive glass naturally facilitates the formation of new bone. Thus, it is a unique material for filling defects and replacing damaged bone tissue because S53P4 bioactive glass functions as naturally as your biology.

Smart Healing™ solutions are osteostimulative and come with a range of benefits for filling, reconstructing and regenerating bone defects as well as for filling bone cavities, voids and gaps in both adult and pediatric patients.

For more product information please visit www.bonalive.com